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Wooden Kitchen Islands

Wooden Kitchen Island Kitchen Islands have become popular in modern homes, especially the wooden kitchen islands. Nothing compares to the warmth of a natural wood kitchen island. With a wide range of finishes, styles, sizes, shapes and colors available, wood base kitchen islands become the focus of your kitchen. Nowadays, one of the most popular ways of remodelling your old kitchen is to add a wooden kitchen island. This is a great way to lend some interest and function to your otherwise dull kitchen. There are many freestanding wood kitchen islands available in the market that you can easily find one that matches with the interior of your old kitchen. Just place the kitchen island in an empty space in your kitchen and see what difference it makes to the look of your kitchen. In moden home decor, the concept of using modular kitchen and kitchen islands have become very popular.

Wood Base and Finishes on Kitchen Islands

For wooden kitchen island base, varied types of solid wood and hardwood are used such as teak wood kitchen island, maple kicthen island, cherry kitchen island, oak, pine, and other hardwood kitchen islands. These are given different finishes. They can be kept natural with a natural finish or can be painted or stained. Some are waxed or varnished with different oil finish, that display a glossy look or a matte look deopending on the finish applied.

Countertops Used in Wooden Kitchen Isands

Wood kitchen islands have different countertops like as follows:
  • Wood counter top
  • Granite countertop
  • Marble countertop
  • Stainless Steel Countertop etc.

Wooden Kitchen Islands Designs

Wood kitchen islands are available in varied shapes like square, rectangle, oval, L-shape and U-shape. They are either fixed islands in the sense that they cannot be moved, built in island matching with the rest of the kitchen or they are portable or freestanding islands. These are sold as a separate piece of kitchen furniture, and can be placed in any kitchen. All you need is to place them in the appropriate space. Such portable kitchen islands are also great for outdoor use like picnics, garden parties etc. By installing a kitchen island in your kitchen, you add extra work space and decorative interest to your kitchen. It can be as simple as a small table or as elaborate as a proper worktable with lot many added features.


Aside from beauty and decor, the kitchen island also provides extra storage options. Most modern kitchen islands have inbuilt shelves, drawers and cabinets so that you can keep your cutleries, utensils and napkins. Besides a seating arrangement like a stool or a bench, wooden kitchen islands have inbuilt cooking grills, wash basins, fridge etc. Lighting fixtures may also be installed above the kitchen island for an enhanced look. The delicate curves and molding seen in wood can draw attention to the center of the kitchen, and ofcource it looks much better than your outdated or worn kitchen counters and cabinets. Architectural details that can be given on wood like as bump-outs, corner posts, inset areas, and open shelving add style to the kitchen.

A wooden kitchen island simply look beautiful in most settings. They add work space, storage area, and room for additional appliances. The most simplest kitchen island has a single surface , like a tabletop. But a kitchen island with lot many added features can incorporate both food preparation and eating areas.

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