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Wooden Planters

The natural beauty of wooden planters, whether its in the patio or balcony or inside the room can surely be a focal point in a home. Planters have a unique ability to transform a room, deck or patio area and beautify every outdoor or indoor living space. Planters crafted out of wood generate a fine look besides adding strength to it. Despite modern use of instruments, most of the wooden planters are made by craftsmen in the traditional way, as these are extremely popular among the buyers.

Types of Wood Used in Wooden Planters

  • Teak
  • Redwood
  • Cedar wood
  • Cypress
  • Oak etc.

Increased Use of Wood Planters for Home Decor

Hand crafted wooden planters complement all the home decorating needs. These are used to add a touch of elegance in the gardens and also make a fabulous gift for a new home. Wooden planters are strong & lightweight and even the largest pieces can be moved about with relative ease. Planters, constructed out of premium quality woods are resistant to rot in outdoor planting conditions. These come in a vast array of sizes, shapes & ornamentation. The use of vivid color, enhances the look & structure of wooden planters. Apart from intricate carving, these planters are also available in hand-painted design.

Teakwood planters are very rich-looking and elegant. Redwood cedar is mainly used for contemporary/modern gardens because of their unique color and also durability and natural resistance to rotting. Hand painted wood planters can complement the exterior of your home and create a beautiful garden design.

Benefits of Wooden Planters

  • They are available in a variety of woods, colors and finishes.
  • Wooden planters provide great look and functionality for combining with other garden accessories like as seating, trellises or storage.
  • Certain wood planters like redwood and cedar planters can be used without painting. Such type of wood are resistant to rot.
  • Another benefit of using wood planters is to insulate plant roots from the sun's heat. Wood does not get as cold as ceramic or other planter materials. As a result the soil is kept warmer and the roots of the plant more protected.
  • Planters made of wood fall between plastic and clay in weight and porosity.

Design Options in Wooden Planters

Wood planter boxes: Wood planter boxes are square or rectangular shaped boxes of various sizes. While a single box can hold a single flower pot, the large sized boxes can hold a number of flower pots. They can wonderfully deck the patio or balcony. In a large patio, a wooden plank in placed over two planter to make a seating arrangement.
Hanging wooden planters: Hanging wooden planters are traditional design for home gardeners. You can dress up the view from a window in your home or fill an empty wall space with hanging planters.
Contenporary Designs: For more creativity and an altogether unique look, there are home owners who prefer to make use of planters of any shape – a box, a barrel, or even an old time wagon wheel. Infact, the whisky barrel design is very popular as it gives a very rustic look the garden.

Maintenance of Wood Planters

  • For a longer life, it is advisable to line planters with plastic, specially black plastic as they are resistant to rot with black plastic.
  • For durability, you can also set already potted plants inside the planter.
  • Treat wooden planters with non-toxic stain, paint or waterproofing agent.
  • Make use of extra rust-proof nails to reinforce joints of wood planters.
  • Watch for carpenter ants and sow bugs occasionally as they are likely to take up residence in wood planters.

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