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Wooden Sofa

Wooden Sofa Set
Wooden Sofa Set
Sofas, particularly a wooden sofa is a must have living room furniture. Living room sofa perhaps is the most comfortable piece of furniture having a long seat, usually with a cushioned bottom, back and ends. Wooden sofa furniture is, in fact, an upholstered sofa with a wooden sofa frame and wooden sofa legs. Sometimes, the wooden couch of the wooden sofa is not covered with upholstery for its raw beauty but that is a very rare condition. This type of wooden sofa looks more like refined wooden benches and are made for wholly aesthetic purposes.

Types of Wooden Sofa Sets

A wooden sofa that has a design making it a modern sofa can not just be called long cushioned seats with beautiful upholstery. The contemporary wooden sofa is a sheer elegance carved in wood and embellished with comfortable decoration. Although the more contemporary sofas tend to have clear and sharp geometric shapes with fine lines yet it is not difficult to find odd shapes and wooden sofa designs. You can easily get round sofa, oval sofa or can build your customized wooden sofa with fantasized shape. Whatever be the shape of a sofa, the modern wooden sofa has many utilities apart from being the most comfortable furniture.

Sectional Sofa

This type of wooden sofa has sectional composition. These sectional sofas are mostly meant for seating three persons with 'extreme comfort'. Some of the modern sectional sofa designs are meant to be sofa beds too and also comprise of chaise lounge. Two seats in such a wooden sofa are able to slide forward into a chaise position and slide again to be converted into beds. The seat cushions represent the bed mattress. Some other sofas- the sleeper sofas- can be called functional beds in the sense that one or both the seats can be converted into a single or double bed.

Bedroom Sofa

With all its comforts, a wooden sofa is a significant bedroom furniture too. Bedroom sofa is usually smaller in size, sometimes only two seater. However, they can be large also, depending upon the size of bedroom. These sofas mostly have decorative designs to enhance the beauty of bedrooms. Sometimes they are sofabeds that work as a couch and also converts easily into a comfortable bed. These types are mostly used by people who live in studio apartments.

Storage Sofa

The wooden sofa that have sufficient space to store items has been invented due to the shrinking spaces in modern homes. These sofas are designed with comfortable, pocket coil seating and a durable, solid kiln dried wood frame. They can be tilted back to reveal a hidden storage area. This feature helps in keeping the living room space more organized and also minimizes the need of cupboards and boxes.

Sofa Bed with Storage


A loveseat is a small sofa or couch that allows a maximum of two people to comfortably sit together at a time. Introduced in the Victorian era, love seats have become rather an essential feature of todays compact city homes and small apartment dwellers. The measurement of modern love seat ranges from 53 - 60 inches (127 cm -152 cm) in width, 34-38 inches (86 cm - 96 cm) in height, and about 34-38 inches (86 cm - 96 cm) in depth. Sometimes, these loveseats accompany a regular couch as part of a wooden sofa set.

Ottoman Sofa

An ottoman sofa is a long, backless seat or padded bench with cushions to lean against. The modern ottoman sofa is usually a low, rectangular footrest, usually upholstered, which can also be used as additional seating or an occasional table. They now come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and price ranges. An ottoman may also be hollow and be used as chests for storage.

Garden Sofa

Sofa sets are no longer limited to living room and bedroom. They now constitute an important outdoor furniture. A wooden sofa is a very favorable garden furniture. Such garden sofas are made of weather proof material and are, therefore, suitable to be placed in patio, decks and in gardens. They are usually wicker furniture made from slender flexible branches or twigs, especially of willow or some canes.

Futons Sofa

Futons Sofa
Futons Sofa
A futon is a mattress consisting of a pad of cotton batting that is used for sleeping on the floor or on a raised frame. It can take the form of a bed, couch, or chair that provides a comfortable and sturdy space for sitting or sleeping. A futon sofa has a wooden sofa frame that can be folded and put away to save space. Futon mattresses can also be easily folded and stored away.

Antique Sofa

Most of the homes having country decor like to purchase antique wood furniture. Antique sofa tops the list of such furniture seekers. An antique wooden sofa has an authentic, quality antique wood sofa frame in good condition. These antique wooden sofas have rich fabrics on them, most often some shining upholstery like brocade or silk.

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