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Wood Ottoman

Wood and Leather Ottoman
Wood and Leather Ottoman
Wood ottoman is low furniture at home that is used as a footrest. Wood ottoman although made from wood but its cushions are upholstered with different fabric and material. Wood leather ottoman are particularly popular in which the cushion is made of leather and the rest of the ottoman is made from wood.

Wood ottoman is the armless and backless chairs that apart from footrest is also used as stool. Also there are other styles of ottomans. One such is the wood storage ottoman. This is a hollow ottoman that is used as storage and if it is made up of wood then it is called wood storage ottoman.

Wood ottoman is mostly used in North America. Wooden ottoman in various shapes and sizes are available in the market having different price range.

Wood ottomans are also a good alternative to coffee table and a very elegant addition to any home.

History of Ottoman

Ottoman derived its name from the situation that occurred in Egypt during the Ottoman Empire. During late 18th century when French invaded Egypt many sorts of punishments were given to Ottomans especially to feet. Then footstools were given to rest the tortured feet. Europeans take the footstools to their countries and called it ottoman just to pay tribute to its origin.

Wood Ottoman"Part of Home Furniture

Wooden ottoman is the part of modern home decor. This footstool looks so different from the rest of the furniture that sometimes it becomes center of attraction. Present day wood ottomans have undergone a huge transformation in terms of style and fabric that it is no longer used as footstool alone. The large wood ottomans are also used as coffee table and can be used as extra seating space. Then there are kidney shaped ottoman that can be used as a love seat. It is also used as outdoor furniture.

Purpose of Wood Ottoman

  • Wood ottoman is used as a footstool or footrest.
  • Wooden ottoman can be used to store books and magazines.
  • Wood ottoman can be used as a coffee table to keep tray and snacks.
  • You can use it as an extra seating.
  • You can use it as a storage box.
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