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Wooden Tables

Wooden Table Wooden tables are one of the essential pieces of furniture used at home. Although there are a number of wooden table designs are found yet a wood table consists of a smooth flat top, with four supporting vertical legs. Now a days table manufacturers are coming up with various wood table designs - exquisitely carved out, that surely leave the buyers spellbound. These elegant and fine finished wood tables showcase the excellence of craftmanship.

The tables made of wood are very much durable, as wood is decay resistant, fine grained and the best part requires low maintainance. Now a days these wooden tables in various designs and styles have become an important part of home decor. The latest designs of wooden table have its own elegance, individuality and functionality. Have a glance on the types as well as different uses of modern wooden tables

Types of Wooden Tables

Types of Wood Used in Making Tables

There are various types of wood used in the making of wooden tables like as Oak, Teak, Cedar, Mahogany, Cedar, Rosewood, Pine, Ebony, Bamboo etc. Solid wood tables are strong and durable and are given different finishes. Most wood furniture manufacturers also produce veneer wooden tables, which have become quite popular these days. To know more about veneer and solid wood, check out Solid Wood Furniture and Veneer Wood Furniture: Advantages and Disadvantages

Wooden Table Designs - Styles and Finishes

Tables, innovatively crafted from wood, display distinct designs such as intricate floral motifs and other carvings. These tables come in a range of finishes and colors and can be given varied kinds of shape such as square, rectangular, round, oval etc. There are end number of styles available. The wooden tables are given different finishes depending on the taste , preference of the customers. They can be given oil finish, can be waxed, varnished, lacquered, or painted. Some prefer to opt for natural wood finish as the natural wooden tables have a unique charm of their own. In most cases, the selection of the finishes on wooden tables depend on the look of the entire room's decor and other furniture piece kept in that room so as to complement the look.

The beauty of the entire table lies on the table top and the table legs. The floral, curvy legs give a very elegant look. The table tops are either made of wood or can be glass or marble top. The modern home decor includes wooden tables as an essential part of functionality and also add on. Depending on the usage, wooden tables are available in various styles. One can opt for traditional styles which display intrinsic craftwork in details and go well with other traditional furniture or antique funiture. The modern, contemporary wooden tables have clean lines and sleek patterns. Some opt for painted tables. There are also transitional wooden tables, which are a mixture of contemporary and traditional designs.

Wooden Tables

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