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Wooden Dining Tables

Wooden Dining Table The dining table is the focal point of your dining room. Perfect for a modern lifestyle, dining table is one of the most essential furniture to a home. The right table not only enhances the look of your dining room but also is functional, capable of serving meals to your family for generations to come. Wooden dining table is a versatile piece of furniture, displaying the fine craftsmanship and original design of India's premier artisans. Dining tables made from wood are quite unique and popular through out the world and are exported extensively.

Wood dining tables are so practical and popular that they have been made continuously from past many centuries. There are many different types of wooden dining tables to choose from, depending on what size is required. These dining tables are usually crafted with elegant and rich traditional design including elaborate decorations and carvings, the possibilities for invention are endless.

Wood Used in Dining Tables

Dining tables need to be strong, sturdy and preferable heat resistant. Various types of hardwood are used in the making of durable dining tables such as teak, cherry, mahogany, oak, pine, acacia and many more.

Shapes of the Dining Tables

The shape of the dining table depends on the table top. Dining tables are available in four major geometrical shapes: square, rectangle, oval and round. However the interior decorators are experimenting with other shapes as well but the traditional shapes remain popular.

Wood Dining Table Pedastal Designs

The beauty of the table lies on its pedastal or the legs on which it stands. The traditional style display elaborate designs on the legs and usually the table stands on four legs. However you will also find dining tables on a single pedastal or double pedestal. Such pedastals are artistcally curved wooden structures on which the table top rests. Such elaborately curved table pedastals look very royal. The modern wooden dining tables have sleek patterns and lines. They look very elegant and stand on simple but finely finished wooded legs.

Wooden Dining Table Tops

A complete wooden table has a wood top which can be plain or with intricate carving details or inlay work in brass. The solid wood top looks great with various finishes. The table can be polished in various colors that can complement with the entire look of the room. The dark wood dining table looks great in modern homes. Nowadays, table tops of other materials like stone (marble, granite), glass, and plywood are also used. There can also be laminated table tops which are highly heat resistant. Veneer wood top is also highly desirable for regular use. The wooden dining table with glass top is very popular.
  • Fixed Table Top
  • Leaf/Drop Leaf
  • Lift top
  • Folding etc.

Styles of Wood Dining Tables

Wooden dining tables are available in various styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, rustic to mission, victorian to tusan style and many more. They are available in dining table sets so as to complete the look of the room. Some have shelves or drawers inbuilt into it. Some also have casters or wheels attached to the legs. The dining table can start from 2-seater to as big as 12-24 seaters. But for modern homes, the dining table sets are usually for 4 seaters to at the most 8-seaters. Large dining tables are used in restaurants, in homes to accommodate large family get-togethers and massive feasts. Extensively carved tables can be utilized as a showpiece. Thus, apart from their role in entertaining guests, these can be a focus for display. Sometime, wooden dining table tends to become an extra desk or are used as conference tables, card tables or work tables. Quality solid wood dining tables that are hand crafted with varied grains, knots, color variations, finishes promise years of service and enjoyment.

Wooden Dining Tables

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