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Wooden File Cabinets

Wooden File Cabinets Wood file cabinet is the best choice for home, office and home office. Despite the rise of electronic documents, file cabinets remain a permanent fixture in most offices and is also widely used at homes. Wooden file cabinets are acknowledged as extremely fashionable and functional. Due to great diversity and rich culture, India possess a unique treasure of wooden handicrafts to boast of. Every region has a distinct process of manufacturing wood furniture, for example, in some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat, colorful paintings on cabinets are quite common.

Wooden file cabinets are stylishly used in office, home, or anywhere that need filing or storage space. Generally, these file cabinets have top shelf, which are perfect to keep a printer, lamp or books and an open storage area below. A wooden filing cabinet is a must for any business, as it is used to file tax documents, invoices, customer orders and other important papers related to the business.

Sizes and Shapes of Wood Filing Cabinets

Wooden file cabinets can be molded into various shapes such as flat, lateral, vertical, assorted etc. A filing cabinet is usually available in two common forms:
  • Wood lateral file cabinet: Lateral file cabinets have wide drawers where files are arranged from left to right. They are perfect to kept in offices having little wall space or for offices that need to store different types of documents, both legal-sized and letter-sized.
  • Wood vertical file cabinet: Vertical file cabinets have compact drawers, having an arrangement of 4-5 drawers. The files are arranged from front to back. This way it becomes easier to sort the files even without pulling any of them out. Vertical cabinets drawers can be either legal-sized or letter-sized. They also have drawers that are high-sided to accommodate hanging files.

Styles of Wood File Cabinets

Wood file cabinets are always a better choice than the plastic or metal file cabinets as they look more attractive, creating a warm and welcoming work atmosphere. A wide variety of styles and finishes are available in wooden file cabinets. Pine, oak, cherry and mahogany and various other types of high quality wood are used to make these beautiful wooden cabinets, and there is a choice for you to add your own finish, too.

Apart from being stylish, wooden storage cabinets are also more durable than plastic ones and if taken proper care of, they can last many years. It is also easy to install locks on them. The file cabinets come with doors, drawers, with glass doors and some only with open shelves. There are file cabinets as chest of drawers as well, which are mostly seen in homes. Metal file cabinets look very dull and buring, because of their industrial look and appearance. Wood file cabinets have many faces in the sense that they are available in classic style to modern contemporary design. These are offered in a beautiful selection of casual and traditional door and drawer styles to complement any room. Wooden file cabinets are available in a variety of standard finishes.The right choice ofcourse depends on your office d├ęcor, the ambiance you plan to make, and the most important of all the convenience of using them.
Wood file Cabinets
Wooden File Cabinets Styles

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