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Wooden Cabinets

Wood Cabinets Styles

Wooden Cabinet Furniture
Wood Cabinet
Wood cabinets are essential features of each and every home- no matter whether it has a traditional or modern contemporary decor.The only thing that changes is the wooden cabinets styles as per the needs of the decor style. Wooden cabinets styles can be categorized on the basis of multiple criteria- size of the wood cabinet that can be standard, large or custom made; finishes and of course, the doors styles as well as the racks styles. All these criteria fit for the different varieties or the type of wooden cabinets.

Varieties of Wooden Cabinets

Wood Cabinet Door Styles

The design and style of wooden cabinets depend largely on the cabinet doors styles. It is the style of the cabinet doors that either makes or damage the beauty of the cabinet. There are a whole range or cabinet or wardrobe designs available in the wooden furniture market. The most common styles are:

Arch Style Cabinets

This style has the doors of the cabinet with true personalized style. Arch style cabinets have doors which are related to "Arch style" that means the door has an eye brow like arched design. This is a very traditional style that will add interest to wall cabinets in a living room or kitchen.

Raised Panel Cabinets

Raised panel cabinets have doors that have portions built on them. Though this style is a traditional one, it can match up to the contemporary style also when touched up with glaze finishes. The beauty of raised panel door styles exhibit elegance. This style gives the cabinet and the room a detailed design.

Flat Panel Cabinets

Flat panel cabinets have clean and simple lines. They are contemporary style cabinet displaying straight lines with a sleek appearance that look great in the living room. The style is similar to that of raised panel but here the panels are not raised.

Wood Cabinets Styles

Wood exudes a rich beauty to the cabinets, reflecting the distinctive look found in natural wood. Wooden cabinets are carefully assembled to exact specifications and are hand crafted with care throughout the entire process of selecting wood, to applying the final coat of finish. For lasting beauty, sealer and topcoat is applied, which provide a durable finish and are resistant to water and household chemicals.

Wholesale Wood Cabinets Manufacturers, Suppliers

We cater to the needs of wholesale wood cabinets through our vast directory of wooden cabinets manufacturers and suppliers. Fill up this simple enquiry form to get competitive quotes for all types of wooden cabinets styles from pre verified wood cabinet manufacturers and suppliers.

Finishes on Wood Cabinets

Wooden cabinets are available in an infinite selection of door style, finish and decorative enhancement that adequately allows to customize the home or office. All the stains are hand wiped to bring out the natural luster and beauty of the wood. The wooden cabinets are available in several finishes such as Espresso, Autumn Brown, Mocha Brown Glaze, Mocha, Cordovan Brown Glaze, Cinnamon, Crystal Brown Glaze, Burgandy, Cherry, Bordeaux, Toffee, Vanilla Cream, Natural etc.

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